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Rayman Origins Box ArtRayman Origins is special, rare and precious. Somewhere in the last few years, the classic notion of games that benign fantasies of escape and fantasy will be bruised for landscapes, lost the war-torn and ravaged dystopian apocalypse. Dynamic worlds turned to rot and sand, turned smiling to crying, and it seemed that, in general, the game has lost its innocence.

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Is it possible, was for a game to the magic that has inspired the industry to find the beginning, while in the ability to fully experience art in the spotlight? For the development of Ubisoft Rayman, the answer is "slapsolutely" is.

Rayman Origins Rom Screenshot

In many ways, what we have here is the artistic coherent whole out of this generation to imagine the direction of visual perfection, that continue to generate a smile. It is as if the artistic director Michel Ancel sketched an outline only, whimsical towel, then built a world around him, from the extension, but not even to return to his original vision. It turns around the life of the plant, made the collapse of the pillars of fire, avalanches, and the way to lush landscapes for your characters with ridiculous joy of all setbacks. This is a fantastic dynamic chaos, exquisite in the eyes of the animation with the softened butter and a frame rate of rock-solid is.

Rayman Origins Rom Screenshot

There are moments of complete madness, where the substantive elements of engagement with the front confusing sometimes, but the biggest drawback is that Rayman is almost absent-mindedly great visionary. I want to stop all, but instead of jumping and balance of payments and collect everything in a mad dash to the finish. Luckily for most of the measures, this trend more and more questions by carefully calculated, where (and a few friends!) Undo strategically take Lum (Rayman response to pieces) and explore the hidden corners of the secret worlds to conquer subdomains at their own pace.

There is never a shortage of people who gather around me to see the shape of Rayman on a nice TV to take amazing, and the stages of mastering in all its splendor offers a fluid, beautiful displays. A player does his job and complete the thirst you experience amazing side-scrolling game is unique, especially in the absence of a traditional 2D Mario titles this year. But the point here is really fresh catch two or three friends and just kick your ass in these lush environments. You'll laugh, you curse each other and you in some of the fun local multiplayer action in this generation to participate hands down.

Rayman and Globox Teensies and friends not to trust the power-ups in the traditional sense here. Instead, each offering new world, a new skill or learn to attack, and these movements remain with you forever, so many ways to give back to the previous status, and fly through it with more style and finesse. Each world offers a variety of unhealthy places. Great chefs dark nightmare pepper shakers with underwater caves and live life full of murky and violent obsessed, there is much to see. You have the backs of giant mosquitoes evolution-scrolling shooter stage and orchestra hum hum away. They swirl in the oceans in the closest a videogame has come to synchronized swimming scenes staged play Busby Berkeley movie (Google).

Experienced players unlock a unique treasure of the prosecution, the amount of non-stop race "screw up once and you're dead" speed, test your skill and reflex contraction as much as his patience. Rayman is hard, almost brutal at times difficult, but never inspired the start of the pilot to stop rage, thanks largely in part to the wrath of his liberal use of checkpoints and "You're so beautiful that I be angry with you for a long time" behaviors. This is a trial and error a few times, but overall this is a showcase for his reward agility, ingenuity and resourcefulness and their ability oh so generous.

Unfortunately, recent years have convinced some critics of anything "artistic" game platform should be short, the importance is more suitable for the fragile world of the DLC. Rayman is much, much better than this.

There is an order of magnitude of levels to explore here, epic battles, unlockable skins, many hidden settings, and hours and hours of frantic fun. The idea that the original images must be in the morning and in admissions rates is one of the mutually exclusive Rayman Origins remains a matter of hours and hours of fun in the games distract both continue to increase the amount of pure satisfaction and tail. Rayman Origins domain acquires a kind of field research established decades ago and it raises new astronomical standards. This is a spectacular picture is so much fun to play because it is in sight, and it's a total triumph. His movement, the video game industry.

In a blockbuster holiday season of M-rated games of war, it is refreshing, something so different and special, to see that Rayman Origins. It is really nice and overall just great fun alone or with friends. A vision that really counts, at the top of its genre, Rayman Origins is a great show with lots of action to make it fresh from start to finish and beyond.

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