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Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D Box ArtNintendo almost a decade has torn itself, was the last game Kojima Productions on a Nintendo platform appears Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, a remake of the original Metal Gear Solid for GameCube. Eight years later, Nintendo fans finally another taste of the snake. This is a remake, but it is certainly one of the best entries in the series. Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D is based on the original PlayStation 2 in 2004 launched based. Since then much has changed, and Snake Eater has been updated to meet the current expectations. This is essentially the same game, but the updated controls and visual effects that this remake of the 3DS version of the game the best so far.

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For the uninitiated, the role of CIA operative Naked Snake (aka "Big Boss" in the later games) on a secret mission into Soviet territory. Your mission, mobile rocket launchers, the Shagohod, capable of firing nuclear warheads in the U.S. from any domain is to destroy. As you maneuver the snake to your destination, you infiltrate the enemy territory with their environment, to protect their presence in the watchful eyes of the enemy.

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If you are secretly enough, you can achieve a state of Zen cunning, for want of a better word. If it does not go unnoticed, to alert the enemy to your presence starts a chaotic battle that destroyed any semblance of approach that can be averted. It is a rewarding and challenging experience that can be treated in different ways. Snake has a variety of tools available, and what you do with them defines your experience with the Snake Eater. Whether you dress for his enemies to his toes, and slew them, and store them in cabinets, or as a cardboard box on the way to the hangar weapons is yours.

Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D Rom Screenshot

Snake Eater is a subtitle less intelligent than a literal description of the focus on survival. Its resistance measurement is expired over time, reducing the ability to target and combat power. In the flora and fauna, to charge the device to feed including fungi, rats, fish and snakes, among others. You are never too far from food, and can bear more than their fair share, when, fortunately, the game is far from being a dominant element of the piece. Similarly, treatment of wounds with a variety of medical supplies. Fractures require different treatment of the infection, if they determine how different types of diseases, do not need to waste valuable resources. Rub the area due to the food and the achievement of self-surgery stay in a survival of the spirit, but to carry out these tasks in the menus, sometimes in the middle of a shoot. For added realism, as they evoke, the application will stop them at the end.

Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D Rom Screenshot

The militaristic character of the lead characters and the environment, you might think that this is an action game, but tends more towards the adventure category lean. They do a lot of things to explore and hidden, but there are times when these elements lead us too far from the commitment. These are the moments of greatest disappointment stagnation Snake Eater. It is often asked (especially in the first half of the game) when you get to do anything other than a brief escape detection on the way to the next scene. In many ways the game is often overshadowed by the segments of the story. Due credit is rough on the excellent photography and voice in the game, but the relationship feels, sometimes. The struggle against the bosses are by far the most beautiful stretches of the Snake Eater, the combination of action and comedy often contact with the enemy in a beautiful way.

Snake Eater controls are adequate. In general, the game has no flow was found in the modern game. Rigid nature of the serpent is something that takes getting used to, but eventually you will. Its instincts are cautious of these limitations, but the game requires very deliberate actions on your part, if it makes sense from an aesthetic point of view.

The 3DS is designed an interesting canvas for the control of maps for the DualShock controller. Without the second analog stick, the camera controls delegated to A, B, X, Y, and keys to level. The D-pad is used to change weapons and objects. It is also used for mechanical squat / leg, which now also control the ability to walk, has Crouch, a key in another version of the game for a small change was a significant influence on how we approach the concept of stealth. Once you step past the initial learning curve, the controls on the 3DS in the background.

Circle Pad Pro Accessories meat on your options if you have. Activate the system moves the control room at the far post, and reflects the B-button mechanical squatting is the preferred way to play the game, but especially from the point of comfort. The default configuration does not take the game again, at least, and better mechanical Crouch leave you with a better impression of the controls that made the initial introduction in 2004.

Controls aside, add the features designed around the 3DS much to the excitement of the game. The use of 3D is effective in drawing closer to their position in a given environment. Specific details, such as rain, snow, swarming hornets, and gravel spit on the occasion of the motorcycle tire jump off the screen, without seeing the depth of field tricks. A fight against a boss with an individual associated with a flamethrower distorted extraordinary heat that is without comparison. It is tastefully decorated and is one of the best uses of a beacon of pocket to date. Snake Eater was suffering from frame rate problems during the first debuted, and there are unfortunately in this version remain. There are certain times when it occurs, such as cutting the throat of the opponent on the ground. In general, does not affect significantly to gameplay.

Snake Eater is also on the integrated camera. You can, for example, take pictures in the real world, create custom camouflage for Snake. This is a nice feature, but the entire production process of the image takes you away from the party likely to use much of it. There are also new gyroscopes controls that come into play when walking on narrow bridges, or branches. Rather than submit to headache, the slope of the 3DS with 3D-enabled returns the game to think in a way in these 2D sequences. Not least, have the 64 frogs in the game, as hiding Kerotans known, replaced by Yoshi, Mario was glory. This is a thoughtful gesture, Nintendo fans, but it is somewhat surprising, the contrast of gray palette Yoshi in the game and the atmosphere.

The history and diversity of antagonists threatening, superhuman (the Cobras) have never felt so alive in the film, Soviet-era jungle. Excellent voice acting and dialogue and ham-style comedy style of Snake Eater, which is typical of Kojima and unabashedly self-consciousness. Business Metal Gear always serious, but with a touch of humor that makes you smile or two breaks the illusion. If this is your first experience with the series, scratching for a lot of time to prepare the head, and references to previous games, flying just above the head. Fortunately, the fan has a subtle charm and not bombard you with remember all too often forget that you play a game designed Kojima.

Given the plethora of unlockables and game oozes style, Snake Eater replay value. The game has 5 to 15 hours to complete, depending on their affinity for the exploration and cutscenes. Once you learn everything the game and said he discovered a world full of possibilities. There are unlockable weapons and equipment by defeating bosses in a non-Orthodox, or meet conditions ambitious Beat the game without being seen by the guards Commons can be obtained. You could never confuse Snake Eater as a sandbox game, but to away games gives you a sense of control and freedom, the very idea of ​​what to imitate playing in this kind of games. If you are the enemies of the movement with maps and charts, the game is a big playground and the total length of the sections on their short game to make the game accessible to players on the road, without limitation, the general tenor.

3D Snake Eater is an excellent treatment of a classic justifiable. The story and characters with a capacity of nearly a decade after its introduction, and improved stealth mechanics to improve the experience together. It is modern enough to win should make a new audience, and many improvements, the veterans of the series back in the jungle. 3D is one of the best in the system so far, and mature tone is a welcome addition to the nature of the family, the Nintendo catalog penetrates. The game makes good use of the same material 3DS, avoiding the hazards of pointing out new features in the interest of diversity. This is an update to an incredible success already fantastic game and easily one of the best games for the 3DS to date.

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