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Harvest Moon The Tale of Two Towns Box ArtHarvest Moon is a series that has remained virtually unchanged over the years. Of course every game has added several new elements such unique animals, exotic locations and several missions to you by the goddess of the harvest, set always present, but the basic design was never too far from their origins. If you played a previous game in the series will know what to expect here.

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At the beginning of the game you meet with the mayors of two towns on opposite sides of the western and eastern mountains Konohana Bluebell. Apparently the two cities were, the once pretty good neighborhood with each other in a contest with an argument in the kitchen, and the Harvest Goddess has a tunnel connecting the two cavities closed. Now the only way to travel between two cities on a hill on foot, and the goddess feels guilty for his actions. You will work with the reconstruction of the first broken friendship between the peoples, then open the tunnel between them.

Harvest Moon The Tale of Two Towns Rom Screenshot

You get the election of the city to go to Blue Bell, is an old English country house-style specializes in the breeding, while Konohana inspired by Japanese architecture with a tile roof and paper lanterns, and focuses instead the cultivation of vegetables. The opening story and missions vary slightly, depending on where you live, but you can redeem points at the beginning of each new season.

Harvest Moon The Tale of Two Towns Rom Screenshot

No matter which city you choose, the commerce of the city, with regard to agriculture (livestock or vegetables) are always available and the tools to gradually increase the number of activities you participate in. You can also break can take advantage of the routine daily tasks of foraging in the desert plants, insects, fish and many others, or sell as you see fit. Every city has a bulletin board where people allowed to ask for help, usually in the form of missions to search for specific items. This helps in the development of the personality of the characters very well and you are rarely associated with an increased friendships, and be rewarded in some cases, a new development tool or history. You can accept missions of the two peoples, regardless of whether they live in, so the journey through the mountain value.

Harvest Moon The Tale of Two Towns Rom Screenshot

Once a week, the two cities are to compete in a cooking competition, you can use the public or the judge and the resulting competition will gradually repair the broken friendship between the two mayors. Then there is the festival events, mini-games to qualify mineral usual wife / husband hunts characters and elements of culture that come to expect in a Harvest Moon game.

Harvest Moon The Tale of Two Towns Rom Screenshot

The art style, true to the series, is wonderful, with some of the most beautiful scenery ever seen in a game of Harvest Moon. Mountain roads in particular a green ground, sloping shelves that to explore zigzag with scalable, slides, cable cars and many levels of hiking trails. The character models are simple but well with the configuration and profile drawings in 2D are sharp, colorful and very pleasing to the eye, with the exception of a ... Blue Bell café interesting.

Some useful new features that come into play in this game calendar now shows birthdays of several signs that it is much easier to keep an eye on the time to keep things in order to take the villagers.

The carrying case is also now the correct price of an item you want before the sale, so you know how much money do not sell tomorrow.

Now you can go by other signs and cattle, which now possibly be a big deal, but anyone who was nailed to the wall by a bunch of chickens to try to ensure that everyone is fed and cajoled every day to see the advantage of such a small change. Wild animals can be friends, as usual, animals, and now play a larger role than before, with dogs and cats to farm animals to help by rounding up and feed them during the day. The new company owl can fly faster between cities, the travel time. New animals, which can occur are alpacas and bees, the latter allowing you to build huts, to meet with several different levels of harvesting honey.

There are some disadvantages. For the period of two cities and mountains between the game world seems quite low, with fewer places to explore than previous entries in the series. There is a small gap, but very much in the frame rate at times, and for some reason back in the old economic order, which can save the game once a day, how do you go to bed. The last track to keep you all day, but in two cities, if you suddenly turn your 3DS, you lose all progress since the last time you woke up.

In addition, there are only two kennels in the game, one in each city. It made sense to lay eggs, milk and other products into a shipping crate in the barn, but you must now load the package and painfully limited space in the city to sell their stuff. Once the elements are deposited in the box and the lid is closed, the image mysteriously empty field, so that you can recover no option to have doubts and before tomorrow.

Although not exactly the problems in game design, the more work you have to enable, manage, and most of these problems have been in previous titles, such as fixed as the tree of silence. It feels a slight step back.

The 3D depth is very easy to use, with varying results.

Profilesof the characters, dialogue boxes and menus to skip to the fore, and it works great. Most times the depth works well in the field and trees rising above the buildings and characters that are out of the ground. However, the effect here is a bit buggy and sometimes there are people who swim or sink as seen in shallow graves on the land is his. It places particular confusing when the farmer takes a mistake, and it remains high, sometimes the head more than the error itself is set to have the appearance of locusts tunnel into the skull. Ultimately, however, subtle improvements add to the game and the game looks better with 3D enabled.

Compared to the original DS, this game is almost identical, but there are some notable additions to the version of 3ds. Of course, the game has been improved, make the use of higher resolution and larger screen on the top. There is a new game called mini-petting time, so you can keep their cattle and raise standards of friendship quickly. Finally, the activated version of 3ds Street Pass, allowing you to items with people who happen to act.

It's just a nitpick, but the film version of the introduction of the 3DS is in the original DS, which may be a problem unless it's a great close-ups of milk bottles with the word would be against "milk" backwards through this spelling , wherein the camera has a good 5 seconds. Strange oversight on the part of developers.

Unfortunately, there is also an occasional bug seems to appear that the blocks game in 3DS version, but with the amount of time the game is rare accidents saved, there is a big disadvantage, and other features that make the 3D Harvest Moon get best of both versions.

Finally, the game is cute and fun, with lots to do and see, even if you feel like a bit of experience washing miniature Harvest Moon. The story is interesting and the new scenario Konohana offers a very special feeling for family activities. While 3D can sometimes be a bit weird, some of the most beautiful art has ever seen. It is clear that the series is even stronger than ever before, and I hope the next entry.

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