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The Beauty of 3D Games, Right before Your Eyes

Just like the original games of Nintendogs for the console DS, the game Nintendogs+Cats rom now allows you to enjoy the game in 3D along with the cats. Because of this new technology, you can now appreciate even more how the dogs look like. You can really see the dog as if it were going to jump out of your screen and give you the Frisbee.

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Another game that would be perfect in 3D is Paper Mario rom. What happens in this game is that your enemies are going to shoot certain items at the onset of your battle with them. It really comes to you alive because of the 3D technology used for the game.

The PilotWings Resort is a flying game that is just like that of the SNES’s and N64’s PilotWings games, however, because it is in 3D, the player would really feel as if they are flying. You will see the plane as it is found on the outside your screen and will fly to it. As you get near it, the targets will be shown to you.

The game Animal Crossing 3DS rom is also the exact game that players have already seen and the only difference in that can be observed is that it is now in 3D. If you happen to have played this game already, then it would probably not be necessary for you to play the upcoming one except if the game is going to be redesigned before it gets introduced to the market.

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